This series is unknown, it has never been exposed or published. Only a small sample of the work is shown here.


There are places that move us. In many cases, the fact of understanding does not help to discern the reason why a particular space, whether the indoors of a building, a landscape or any other environment surrounding the spectator / actor, can arise different feelings.
There are two ways of relating to a place. One is as a spectator, i.e. when looking at a place from a contemplative position without invading or modifying it, and the other, as an actor, when the person enters an environment by interacting with the space either involuntarily, e.g. by walking through it, or voluntarily with the purpose of modifying it.

In the same way that Stendhal syndrome unsettles the psyche through beauty, there are certain places that cause feelings to arise, thereby disturbing the consciousness. Science explains that physiologically, emotions can have effects on the central nervous system and the endocrine system. The latter, in an unconscious way, disperses hormones throughout the body, this can sometimes disturb the senses, and in a seemingly magical way, transport the person into a world of irrational feelings.
On the other hand, the learned cultural knowledge, referring to a specific culture and time, and the sensorial emotions, these more universal, compile in the mind a set of inputs that also help the observer to relate a place with cognitive references that live in some brain crease, provoking different states of mind.

The photographs in this series want to transmit these enigmatic sensations of places, where chance or intentionality has configured them in such a way that they affect the spectators who observe them or the actors who wander through them and make them feel, for no apparent reason, a series of pleasant, soft, delicate, uncertain, unsettling, repulsive, disturbing sensations….