Jaume Buxeda (Barcelona 1958)

He started photography at the age of twenty two. In 1983 he obtained his diploma from the Photographic Studies Institute of Catalonia. During this period he carries out several seminars with different photographers such as: Manolo Laguillo, Fernando Herraez, América Sánchez, Toni Catany …

From 1985 to 1991 he worked as a freelance photographer for several private companies, advertising agencies and official institutions such as the Government de Catalonia, Barcelona City Council, Prisa, the RBA Group..

From 1987 until 2021 he also worked as a teacher, course coordinator and manager of cultural activities at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia, where he taught, since 1998, a specialization course in author photography.

He has carried out several author photograph works and has participated in numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, in different Catalonian galleries, Spain and abroad. Some of them are: Galería Portokalenia (Valencia), Galería Dada ( Vilanova y la Geltrú), Galería trípode (Vic), Centro Cultural San Martín (Buenos Aires), Sonimagfoto (Barcelona) … His work forms part of Catalonia’s Photographic Website.

His photographs are in numerous private collections and in the National Collection of Photography of Catalonia.



– 1988 El Temps (S.Rodés)

– 1990 FV nº21  (Molinero Cardenal)

– 1992 FV nº43  (Molinero Cardenal)

– 1992 FV nº52  (Molinero Cardenal)

– 1996 Catàleg Primavera Fotogràfica ’96

– 1998 La Fotografía nº67 (Nuria Cabrero)

– 2001 FV nº160 (Molinero Cardenal)


– 1985 BCN Marca Registrada nº4 (SUBCELONA)

– 1990 FV nº21 (ESCALES)


– 1998 La Fotografía nº67 (TRANSMUTES)

– 2000 Teatrum nº1 (PORS)

-2021 Catàleg expocisió Galeria ilmondo (SÍMBOLS/ÍDOLS)


– 1984 *Casa de Cultura Villaba -Navarra-

– 1985 *Sala Burdindoki -Pamplona-

    *Galeria Dada -Vilanova i la Geltrú-

   *Sala Clixé -L´Hospitalet-

– 1986 *Aula de Cultua de Cornellà -Barcelona-

– 1987 *Sala Pico Moncayo -Barcelona-

    *Sala Clixé -L´Hospitalet-

– 1988 *Sociedad Fotográfica de Guipuzcoa -Donosti-

– 1989 *Galeria Portokalenia -València-

– 1990 *Aula de Cultura de Sant Josep -L´Hospitalet-

– 1992 *Cotxeres de Sants -Barcelona-

– 1993 *Galeria Tripode -Barcelona-

– 1994 *Galeria Trespeus -Vic-

– 1996 *Galeria Trespeus (Primavera fotogràfica a Catalunya)-Vic-

– 1998    *Sala Antiga Presó –Horta de Sant Joan-

– 1998 *Escola d´ Arts i Oficis -Tortosa-

– 1999 *Escola d´ Art -Tarragona-

– 2000 *Centro Cultural San Martin -Buenos Aires-

– 2021 *Galeria ilmondo -Barcelona-


– 1983 *Galeria Temps -Girona-

– 1985 *Sala Transformadors (I Biennal de Produccions  Culturals Juvenils de l´Europa Mediterrànea)


– 1987 *Casa de Cultura de Tafalla -Navarra-

   *Casa de Cultura de Villaba -Navarra-

     *Aula de Cultura de la Florida -L´Hospitalet-

     *Cotxeres de Sants (I Biennal d´Arts Plàstiques

  de Sants) -Barcelona-

– 1988 *Aula de Cultura de Sant Josep -L´Hospitalet-

– 1993 *Fotoboutique -Barcelona-

– 2001 *Sonimagfoto -Barcelona-

Since 1983, when I started to use photography as a means of expression, I have always sought to ensure that the works I make are purely photographic, in other words, that the pieces have no resources other than those of the photographic medium.

The different images which form part of my work are in black and white, not in colour, saturated or soft and grey, with specular backlights, but always using different photographic techniques that allow me to express the concepts on the subject exposed the best way I can.

I work indistinctly in analogue and digital photography to explain issues that have always captivated me: death, human perception, freedom, fears, symbolism, beauty, constructions … From a poetic and symbolic perspective I reflect with photography my thoughts on universal matters.

The series are a variety of pictures where the thoughts I want to transmit are represented in a metaphorical way. In the same way, but without the extension that the series provide, I also take isolated pictures that reflect the same motivations regarding themes and ideas.

In one way or another, all the proposed themes arise from lived experiences. Therefore, my work is autobiographical in the sense that any reflection has been the result of a first-person experience.