This series is unknown, it has never been exposed or published. Only a small sample of the work is shown here.


Etymologically the word “artefacto” derives from Latin and is translated as “artistically made”. (artefactus).

Today this word is used to describe pejoratively any kind of object or a device that is outlandish or unhelpful. It can actually be used to describe an object made with a specific technique and which has a specific function.

Artefacts are always strange, sometimes placed in absurd whereabouts and often with a threatening appearance towards the observer, insolently indifferent, keeping the secret of their purpose for themselves. They are devices, constructions, objects … with an unknown purpose due to the observer’s lack of knowledge.

Any type of object with an unknown use for the observer arises the question: “what will this be?” and immediately thereafter the following question: “what will it’s purpose be?”. Rhetorical questions linked to the unavoidable human nature curiosity. Thenceforward, looking for an answer, the speculation over what the real use the artefact in question has, develops. The human mind tries to be reasonable in making conjectures about its possible uses. but the imagination often betrays rationality and assumes magical, impractical, chimerical qualities …

This is what fascinates me most, the human ability to discern on an unknown object and on its possible use which has nothing to do with its true function.

And as it is fascinating to speculate, these photographs search for the observer’s complicity in this “possible uses” imagination game of the photographed devices.

NUMBER OF IMAGES: 12 (in progress)
40 x 40 copies on paper 50 x 60
Hahnemühlemat paper. Giclée copy