Transmutas is a dark theater where actors and actresses dance, improvising convulsive movements with their bodies and guided by what their instinct dictates them. With no prefixed reasoning, just letting the body rebel and dictating to the mind the rhythm to follow.

Since the dawn of time, mankind has used psychotropic substances that alter the state of consciousness. Ingested in one way or another, they have caused variations in the perception of reality which have been used for different purposes. These extend from the stimulation of the artistic creation to medicinal uses, even to become an indispensable element in certain religious rituals.

Through specific photographic techniques we obtain visual results that transport us to a parallel reality the same way psychoactive substances do.

Transmutas are bodies which are transferred to another reality by the camera-film pairing, not observable with our vision. The visual deformities that arise as a result of this technique evoke human transmutations appearing as ghostly beings, the product of a mind under the effect of some kind of hallucinogen.

This technique, just as hallucinogens do, raises a somewhat disturbing doubt, which is the “real” reality? the one we perceive and suppose to be normal through our eyes? Or could it maybe be the one proposed by the camera/film? Or perhaps neither of them…

Date: 1992
Measures: 50 X 38 cm
Number of images: 15
Copies in black frame of 1cm
Chlorobromide paper