Thick wall that supports the building’s weight or which vertically divides the interior. (Definition: I.E.C.)
From the beginning, humankind has placed one stone on top of another as a gesture and symbolic act of power and communication with the afterlife. The bigger and the more majestic the stone building is, the more power it represents.

In many cultures, this fact, which may at first seem quite simple, has evolved
from the construction of a wall, an enclosed space and later on a house. Thereby complicating the simple gesture of placing a stone on top of another and eventually creating remarkable and wonderful constructions.

Society often seeks to trace routes – whether physical or mental – which are safe, fixed, stable,authorized and thereby forbidding others. The paradigm of the wall/closed/ house/ building is the city.

The infinite number of walls allow thousands of authorised routes but others are restricted, preventing or limiting free movement, narrowing down the areas. The result is a subsequent loss, wanted or not, of freedom of movement – whether physical or mental –

Measures: 100 X 100 cms.
Number of images: 10
Rack-mounted copies
Chlorobromide paper