These photographic reinterpretations of architectural spaces, building halls where people who live there pass through them daily, are a metaphor of the shelter longed-for by every human being.

Just as a maternal womb, these interiors offer protection to us, the desired refugee. They are a transition zone which leads towards the outside world or inside world. Depending on the direction of the person passing through it, they will lead towards a sheltered home or to external uncertainty.

These are everyday insights of privileged people who live in unusual buildings. The shapes, sometimes organic, sometimes geometrical, quite often implausible, make us feel simultaneously protected and mesmerized.

Sometimes it is the architectural shapes, or the objects, or the sculptures that captivate us visually and even seem to be greeting us and wishing us a good day.

Measures: 28,5 X 28,5 cms.
No. of images: 21
Mounted copies in passpartout 40 x 50
Chlorobromide paper