Western societies often use euphemisms to sweeten realities. In the case of death they say we will become dust. The fact is that hardly any dust comes out of the corpse of any being whether it is a flower, a dog, a toad, a butterfly, a sea bass, a human being…

This photographic series is an allegory of physical death. By means of abandoned objects, forgotten carelessly in warehouses where the inexorable passage of time has damaged their primitive beauty, the remains found in graves have been represented.

As if it were a small theatre, these compositions made with objects which have lost their ability to seduce and are only a shade of that they were, evoke in us the detritus, the final and natural condition of every living being.

Measures: 26,5 X 26,5 cms
Number of images: 18
EXCLUSIVE SERIES: Mounted copies in passpartout 40 x 50
Chlorobromide paper