Fears follows on naturally “transmutar” both chronologically and stylistically.

On this occasion, the work abandons the bodies and focuses on the faces of the actors and actresses to be photographed. Using the same technique as on the previous series, facial expressions arise and lead us to imagine the fears that come along with us during our existence.

Fear is defined as a distressing disturbance of the state of mind which results from the awareness of a danger, whether real or totally unfounded.

There are several ways to express it, each individual/situation reveals it in varying degrees such as: mistrust, fear, panic, phobia, terror…so far as sometimes needing a psychiatric treatment.

The picture ́s phantasmagorical forms evoke the phantoms and dark fantasies which are elaborated by the subconscious and which return us to the fears experienced during childhood.

Measures: 20 X 40 cm
No. of images: 23
Rack-mounted copies
Chlorobromide paper
Installation: Small, dark room with twilight