Often, small details such as a subtle scent, a landscape, an ambience, evoke memories of people who have shared with us a piece of life at some point.

Lessons from the grave is a proposal that looks back on memories of relatives, friends or simply human beings we have met and who are now gone, who have left us, who have died.

The series pays tribute to all of them who intentionally or unintentionally, have made us aware of other vital concepts and have even changed our ideas about certain aspects. Concepts which we still remember and often meditate on. No matter how time goes by and life continues, their memory still lingers on us.

All of this is staged in a series of intimate pictures, where the elements which define them, withering flowers, wood, glass vases…play at being symbolic elements of the obituary iconography.

Date: 2000
Measures: 9 X 12 cm.
Number of images: 17
Passe-partout mounted copies with wooden frame 23 x 18
Chlorobromide paper, warm tone